Monday, December 6, 2010

A Quick Soup for a Busy Day....

At some point during the holidays you need a quick home cooked meal…..something that can be prepared with little muss and fuss.

Sooooo…….you are busy with the tree, decorating the house, stringing lights, wrapping gifts or you have even had a very busy day shopping. Then you realize you need to prepare something for lunch or dinner. You want to stay away from the drive-thru, but you don’t want to slave away over the stove.

My husband whipped out a package of Alessi Tuscan White Bean Soup and added some leftover white butterbeans we had had the night before.


Then the Mister took a package of Pillbury Pizza Dough and flattened it out on a baking stone. He brushed the dough with olive oil and added minced garlic and shredded parmesan cheese before baking it. The bread was the perfect pairing with the soup.


Sometimes you just have to open a package and forego the "homemade" stuff.......

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