Friday, August 26, 2011

Restaurant Review: College Park's Brake Pad

After you spend some time in the sweltering heat walking through the elementary school you attended forty years ago (I’m ignoring that number and so should you),  and driving around a bit to see where you lived and played for your entire childhood you build up a powerful thirst and hunger.

Rather than returning to home base, the Mister and I remained in our hometown area and decided to eat in College Park….right down from the church where we were married and adjacent…..within hollering distance….. to the high school I graduated from.   In fact, I could see the Ivy covered main gate for the school from the parking lot.

We stopped in at Brake Pad Restaurant and Bar…..a spot more familiar to us as the service station at the corner of Rugby Avenue and Main Street in downtown College Park.   Nowadays the cars are in the parking lot and folks sit in the bays where mechanics once worked. 
No, it wasn’t my first time to Brake Pad….I’ve just been remiss about a review.

When we arrived Sunday afternoon the patio was half full, and there was standing room only at the bar as most folks were watching the Braves play.   Many of the tables inside were full, but we managed to find in the back.  I was so tired I was glad to slide into my chair and suck down a Coke.   The waitress quickly brought me another.

The full menu can be seen at the website.   Everything I’ve had from the menu has been great.

This particular trip we order the Chicharrones to start with.   The menu states they have chili lime seasoning, but we didn’t really taste it… matter, they were still damn good!
Now, fried pork skins are nothing new.  This Georgia girl grew up on them, but this is the first time I was able to eat them right out of the oil.    They still smacked and spit at us as our waitress placed the basket on the table…..Heck, they still made noises as I was devouring them. 

Yes, I will have them again, but might have to order a basket just for me.

The Mister ordered the Blue Cheese and Bacon Burger which might have been a special or a new addition to the menu because I don’t see it online.    He raved over it.

I order the Steak Tacos and they were superb.   They were served with the expected lettuce and tomato as well as chipotle aioli and some sour cream on the side.   Tortilla chips and some of the best salsa I’ve had in a quite a while found their way onto my plate, too.  The salsa was so good I may order some salsa and chips to go along with our order of Chicharrones the next time I head over to Brake Pad…..which will be soon!

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